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The tenth of 2017


Wow. It has been a YEAR.


BUSY AF. I'm a full time media practitioner, part-time angler, definitely trying to be the best serving daughter to my parents. What else?

Whoever that subscribed to my blog posts, dear Lord, thank you guys! And yes, I am sorry for abandoning this space. BUT DO PEOPLE BLOG IN THE TWENTY SEVENTEEN?

I still keep this blog running because there are times that I feel like I want to write (like now), I will declare war with my Macbook keyboard for sure. For this post, I'll just upload several photos like an overview for the year I've been through.

Did I tell you that I'm currently learning to wear nude colored lipsticks? LIKE F YES, this Kenit now welcome nude colors yo! OMFG. So, what happened to my crazy personality that dons well with all those weird lipsticks? Still there, for sure. I'm just saving that persona aside, let her rest for awhile & lemme bloom this softer version of me (HOW SOFT CAN …

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wake me up when september ends? it's 2014 oledi lah !

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