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Miss Journalist, no more

Assalamualaikum.Wow, i'm really that good at abandoning this space, yea? If this blog was a pet, he'll be dead already. Ok guys, from the title itself, you know the drill. Yup i left my job as a journo and venture into marketing communications now. Many of my friends are quite shock to the news but hey, career advancement. Get it? :)Although i miss all the perks from the other side, i still enjoy my new career now as i still meet a lot of people & definitely expanding networks. Sometimes i do enjoy sea life bcs i took care one of the property which is in tioman island. Yeah man, i have that kind of perks now!Currently it is already Ramadan & by mid June, it's Raya Aidilfitri. Yes, it is so fast that i couldnt catch up a lot of things anymore. I'll be shopping for Raya somewhere next week. Torturous to wait that long bcs of the 0% GST now. Oh ya, did you know that Malaysia now has a new prime minister & we're in the midst of catching najib & his clan…

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