Assalamualaikum !

Happy New Year 2015 fellow readers :D

Sorry for not been writing the past 3-4 months. Apparently, apologizing due to busy here & there isn't acceptable anymore bcs previous posts have done the job. So yup, I'm just gonna go straight to the point(s). Yes, with an 's'.

Currently, on final examination season. Last paper is on Sunday, which means less than 2 days. and I'm still on my PC writing shits and watching videos. Best Dean's List-er ever. My niece is currently growing with grace and fluffy. Love the fact she is chubbier than ever and funny at certain times. Babies..

Both brothers are getting married this year as well, Alhamdulillah & congratulations in advance abang-abang sekalian. Merrier family perhaps? will see about that later. I have more kakak now. yeay.

single as ever. not been dating somebody for the past seven years. and still counting. wow. if I can go for 10 years being single, that's a wrap & bucket list is considered done. kononnya, embracing teen-hood. konon. my inner me is puking literally.

just realize that I have a fetish on movie music scores. whatever I felt like it is lifting my spirits, I'll catch up with google and downloas a.s.a.p. I preferred the villainy-bad-ass type of music scores. sometimes, dramatic type. currently I am indulging my ears with Dracula Untold (2014) music score entitled "I Will Come Again". The ending part is full of drama. Well, the fact during the movie, Luke Evans (Dracula) is suiciding himself in front of his son. Luke Evans. Another hunky with a very talented acting skills. okay, I also enjoyed Maleficent's music scores too. just lovely to my ears.

Bront Palarae replied my tweet once. bucket list, done and achievement unlocked. wasn't expecting a reply but lucky me he was maybe online at that moment & replied my question. was asking if there's any sequel for his latest "Terbaik dari Langit" movie. he said nop. okay then, thanks, handsome!

new resolutions? my on going process of cutting down weight is still up and down. don't worry, still continuing. insyallah I can get some slimmer figure. I know the drills already. and.......... really, believe me that I don't actually do resolutions. so i am just gonna go through whatever I'm gonna go through. yup. some goals are there written in my diary but lets just go with the flow. perhaps, at least I am trying to fix my image to look more prettier. that's all i can do, maybe. just maybe.

this year should be my final year for Degree program, insyallah. Ill be embracing 5th sem by March 2015. so shit just got real. drama just got real. life just got real.

oh yeah, i have soooo many crushes that i myself don't even gonna get one as my partner. how bullshit can that be. keep on crushing own's heart. busy playing with myself i guess. this is my loser teenhood. welcome.

so yup. things just got real. i need to be reminded like that everytime from now on. au revoir :)

I just loveeeeeeeeeeee Maleficent.


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