Finishing Degree

Assalamualaikum & Salam Ramadhan ;)

It's July 2015.
It's already 2 and a half year of my Degree program.
It's ending soon. Very soon.
Pursuing for internship, and I'm done.

Who would expect after blinks, and everything comes to an end?
After all the sweat, tears, and bullshits, finally I'm stepping out of yuaiteeam.
Learn a lot. Knew people. Knew all the bullshits and dramas.
After all the hypotheses that I have made referring to some sources, I would say they were all correct.
What were they? I'm just gonna keep it to myself though.
All I can say is the education is fine for me, not the surroundings.
Disclaimer: Different people with different views. My experience and yours arent the same so don't judge too much about my statement.

At least, I survived with my best girlfriend. We did it, alhamdulillah.
About time too that everybody goes to their own separate ways. I wish you guys all the best and load your guns for some extreme journey to the end of time.

My family is expanding. Both of my brothers got married. Only left me and my sister.
She's going abroad pursuing her Masters program. Good luck to you, twin :)

I remain myself in The Moors, sharpen and pimpin' my horns (fabulous Maleficent indeed, HAHA!)

Truth is..
I do not know what's coming, so just go with it perhaps.
What else should I do ?! WORK IT !
Of course I aint pursuing any Masters program or anything as I have pledged myself earlier.
Durhh. Assignments.

It is okay then. About time to search for the man of my life. Eleh.

Au revoir.


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