Work life 2.0

Assalamualaikum :)

It's been approx 2 month of internship in JB for one of the newspaper. Dont know wth am I doing there when I was studying book publishing in the first place. Basically, I'm ENJOYING IT! I met mots of people and I mean not just 'people' but even Royalties of Johor. Exclusive one on one meet perhaps ;D
God knows how much I was excited about it.

Ok, what else is new? I've moved back to JB for good though.. Practically I'm exploring back my birthplace. The food are just amazing. And yeah, JB is full of hipsters' cafes, bruh! I'm not that challenged even I left KL *thug life meme*

So, I can declare that I'm a matte lipstick junkie. God know how much of patience and struggle I've been through when I saw any drugstores nearby and I'll be like staring at the lipstick section from outside. This fetish HAS TO STOP! *I have approx more than 10 lipsticks/liquid liner at the moment*

Plus, I found my best spot/heaven for my iPhone cases! OMGGGG this is another ridiculous fetish I need to control. Dude, almost most of the cases here in JB are just friggin' cheap! That one particular plaza though.. FUH! And guess what! Now I know the fact that these hipster boutiques be selling the same cases on double/triple the price but hey, screw 'em Imma buy those in WAAAAAAAAAY cheaper! so, buh-bye to you!

2016 is just in 2 months time. I aint making new resolutions shxts but I'm sure do have list of things to buy! HA-HA-HA! This girl.. -_-

I dont have the time for boyfriend but basically I'm on chasing someone which I felt cool enough to be my partner. Whopss, too much information.

Au revoir! Enjoy the new me 


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