When the rain starts pouring..


It's the rainy season indeed. I've been not washing my car for approx a month and still be receiving nags from dad about how dirty it became when he doesnt know how dissapointed I am to wash during rainy season. 

Moving on.. 

This is the age where I am receiving too many wedding invitations. In fact, questions too. My bestfriends mostly are moving along with new partners while I am stuck here, forever alone. 

Again, another dissapointment slash jealous slash affected. People keep on telling to me to keep calm & just wait for the right time. Yeah, RIGHT. 

It is crazy to know for a fact how your surroundings are telling you their relationships that are broken and you take it as a lesson. You are too cautious about the next one. Too cautious or nobody's coming? 

I will go for "nobody's coming". Because that is the truth. The truth that nobody will never understand and never believe.

You thought I was that tough all the time. Remember that I am a woman. You know how fragile these creatures are. Think. 


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