Twenty five, two thousand sixteen


Yesterday, I made it to twenty five years old. Not much but full of surprises on my day. 

Mom so keen to ask what I want and keep suggesting things. Came into mind, helium balloons! Prolly I wanna play with it, suck it all and produce chipmunks voice. 

Was assigned to cover an event while I dont feel like it at all. Luckily, co-editor did asked me again whether accompany needed or not, and bravely asking a day off since it is my day. Well, got a strike, I really did got an off day and just resting at home, replying all text msgs and wishes from friends and family.

By nightime, Dad hosted a big dinner with extended family. When before I was imagining having a boyfriend throw up surprises with balloons and stuff, in reality, my sister and her family did it. Couldnt be more thankful when having our family around, aite? 😭

Also, received wishes from least expected individuals. How great Allah can be when He did this on purpose while He actually giving you signal that these unexpected indies still remember you.. In a way, I must have done somethg right for them. Of course, I teared.

But yeah, my 25th year starts with the unexpected ones.. More to come, I'll be waiting.. And that is what they call SURPRISES..


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