Hopping into Singapore


It's been a while after my last post on my birthday. So.. this time, I got an invite to work outstation, to our neighbouring country...


All my life, I HAVE NEVER BEEN INTO SINGAPORE. How sad can it be? Yup, a freakin' loser perhaps. Whatever, guys.. That's not kind, bruh!

Meanwhile, I actually got this invitation to tag along with Fairview International School's Grade 6 Expedition Trip. Praise the Lorddddddddddd this is my only opportunity to enjoy Singapore! Take note, this is my first outstation work and my first time in Singapore. SO MUCH OF FIRST TIME(S) THIS YEAR! BLESS!

Upon looking at the itinerary, I saw a lot of science-related places which probably I have contemplated a bit to enjoy one. By the time comes, I DID ENJOYED THEM SO MUCH!


These are places I went to. Upon arriving Singapore, damnnnnn I fell in love with almost all the buildings there, man! Freaking awesome creative architecturesssssssssssssss! You just name all the design and they NAILED IT! And yeah, I asked myself why cant Malaysia have these as well? Big question mark though...

S.E.A Aquarium is just my kind of place. FISHES, DUDE! I am the type that fish on open sea and they have almost all the sea fishes there. I even caught upon a fish that my Dad caught recently which we only called it 'GT'. And I found out that its scientific name was 'Giant Trevally'. There was like a school of them in that big freaking tank. God.. I swear I can just sit there for years! It is just so beautiful that I teared a bit myself without having anyone noticing it. Yup!

So much of tanks, there were jellyfish tanks, sea horses, puffer fish tanks, you name it. Jellyfish tanks got me jaw dropped. The colors and their species got me thrilled!

Marina Barrage caught me mellow for a while as its rooftop offers the public for a placemaking and saw couple of groups having picnic there with Marina Bay Sands (or Sand Bay, I forgot..) as your background everytime you have a photo op. I have set my mind that I will come back!

Gardens by the Bay is my favourite place of the trip! Before the trip took place, I googled it to get some images and yeah, another jaw dropping moment when I stumbled upon its beauty and I asked myself "you gotta be kidding me?!"

And the moment I stepped in, the supertrees are magnificent! I am expecting more of that and once I got my tickets, there you go. First thing first, THE PLANTS THE CACTI THE TULIPS THE FLOWERS OH MY GOD WHYYYYYYY... I giggled like a little girl!

How is this possible? And yeah it is freaking cold in there as the temperature is to keep the flowers fresh. They have tulips and some other plants that require such cold temperature then. Despite of the full house, I still got my chance to take pictures of most of the flowers. IT IS BREATHTAKING!!!

The trip's team leader whispered "Wait until you get into Cloud Forest". What the hell? There's more??? AND YES, I COULDA FAINTED THERE ONCE I ENTERED CLOUD FOREST..

There you have the tallest indoor waterfall and it is freaking cold, awesome, brilliant, Merlin's beard! Climb up all the way to level 4 and get some good steel canopy walk downwards. Damn it was nice. Again I got some photo ops for myself. Having some adrenaline pumping, gotta brace myself for the high canopy walk though.. Once entered a place called +5 Degrees, it is some documentary for the kids, I've decided to just roam around until the exit by myself.

When the clock struck 6pm, the mist came out and it was truly changing the condition, made you feel like you are in a misty enchanted forest! On 2nd thought, I got some imaginary of T-Res or Velociraptor coming out of the trees bruh! What the hell, Brain!?

And yeah, I captured a 10 sec video with some cool pics as well. Again, I GOTTA COME BACK! The Cloud Forest is just suitable for couples though.. I gotta come back with my future husband! *typical girls huh?

That was the best decision I can never regret at all. Despite it was a bit exhausting but I freakin' enjoyed! Thanks to my Editorial team and Fairview for inviting me and giving out permission to join the expedition! I know that this is just another girl who explored a new world.. I dont even care if people gonna say that I am noob due to first time in Singapore. I dont simply get chances that good like you guys did. But yeah, now I have marked down another country out of my list to travel the world :)

Here are some pics I got during in Singapore :D


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